AndroidDev: Recent progress on Gallery3D

Gallery3D is the gallery application released with Éclair, contributed by Cooliris.

This application heavily uses OpenGL to render the scenes. It looks great on Nexus One. But 0xdroid does not yet support hardware accelerated 3D graphics and rely on libagl to rasterize the 3D graph.

Agl is the software OpenGL rendering engine used by android emulator. Gallery3D assumes there is hardware support and this caused a lot of trouble when one want to run it with agl. Even if the libagl implementation is correct and complete, Gallery3D may also assumes some implementation depended behavior. Not to mention the fundamental libagl implementations may have problems.

Anyway, we have some progress and I’d like to share the screenshots. Devkit8000 DVI output, 640×480 resolution, captured by DDMS.

I have a feeling there are more OpenGL tricks inside the source code then I’d expected.