What’s NEW in next libchewing release?

自從上次 libchewing 釋出以來已經過了兩年多了,大家都各自忙自己的事,也許是酷音已經呈現某種穩定的狀態,因此更新的十分緩慢。秉持著有比沒有好的理念,決定把目前的更動整理整理釋出新版,希望可以帶給大家更好用的酷音並帶動新的創意激發,吸引新血的加入 🙂

新版的 libchewing 加入了新的鍵盤格式以及更好用的符號快捷選單,修正了一些嚴重的錯誤。因為 API 以及資料結構的改變,這次釋出不是二進位相容的,使用 libchewing 的程式可能需要適當的修改並重新編譯。


libchewing- (0.3.1-rc1) md5: 29612220ef1fd00a325a89f6162934ce

scim-chewing- (0.3.2-rc1) md5: 0910d0d0575d2f2f84403fdb8d622ac7

New Features

  • New keyboard layout DACHEN_CP26.
  • Add key ‘`’ to open symbol table.
  • Erase candidate and reset its length when ‘Esc’ key is handled.
  • Closes candidate window when user pressed ‘Up’ key.
  • Doing select at the end of edit buffer works on the
    last phrase (interval).
  • Improved reminding message text.
  • Sync with libchewingdata project.
  • A new HanYu-PinYin mapping table
  • More robust behaver when IM crashes.
  • Allow ‘#’ comment and blank line in tsi.src.
    ? Type symbols easily for PinYin input.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix chewing switch between Full/Half mode and cursor moves one space in
  • Fix when list available phrases to choice, user’s own phrases are
    not included.
  • Release PgUp/PgDn key event to running applications.
  • Fix portability issues on FreeBSD.
  • Fix incorrect initialization.
  • Fix pinyin key order, put “shun” before “shuo”.
  • Fix various potenital boffer overflow bugs.
  • Fix various memory leaks.

New/Removed APIs

  • chewing_set_PinYinMethod to support multiple PinYin methods.
  • chewing_handle_CtrlOption was removed.

Internal Structure Changes

  • New structure SymbolEntry.
  • Rename selectAreaLen to candPerPage.
  • Added bEasySymbolInput.