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  • Fedora Silverblue 如何新增硬碟到 Btrfs 陣列

    Fedora Silverblue 如何新增硬碟到 Btrfs 陣列

    我目前的主力電腦是一台 2020 年購入的 System76 的 Lemur Pro (lemp9),前陣子無線網路卡掛點,自己換了新的 Intel AX210 模組。 今天有感於最初設定的規格 500 GB 的 SSD 儲存空間有點不夠用了,想要加裝新的 SSD 來擴增容量。lemp9 內部有兩個 M.2 NVMe 的空間,所以我還有一個空位可以用。

  • The second year of platycodon planting update

    The second year of platycodon planting update

    The leaves of bellflowers will wither in winter, but the roots that grow underground like ginseng will enter a dormant state. When the daytime temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius in spring, new shoots will re-emerge.

  • Platycodon grandiflorus

    Platycodon grandiflorus

    Commonly known as “balloon flower”, the Platycodon has lovely small flowers with unique paper like texture and visible veins. The common variety in my area (Tokyo, Japan) has purple and white flowers. A notable feature of the plant is the flower bud, which swells like a balloon before fully opening.

  • JSON Web Tokens

    JSON Web Tokens

    What are JSON Web Tokens? Can it really be used to replace traditional session cookies? This article is a note made while studying JWT.

  • CSS Text 3: Segment Break Transformation Rules

    At the end of last year, I used my free time1 to fix Firefox Implementation of Segment Break Transformation Rules (Bug 1081858). Starting from Firefox 52, the line breaks between Chinese and Chinese in HTML will not be displayed as blank in the browser.

  • Convert Texinfo to MOBI

    GNU software often comes with a large set of documents in texinfo format, which can be typesetted to a real book. For example the Gnus Manual has over 500 pages, full of fun and humor. Having a mobi version on my Kindle would be quite handy.

  • Android Service with dynamic arguments

    Recently when I was preparing some Android training material I found this little trick. Android “init” can do a lot of things, including “on property change” trigger; one can image some applications use this to implement an ad-hoc IPC. One example is the system/libnetutil that monitors the “init.svc.dhcpcd” property to detect whether dhcpcd is running…

  • Root your Phone with just 1-Click

    Today I read that someone demoed how to put rootkit into your phone during the Defcon. But there are no details, the keywords like kernel moudle, install apk, remote phone call, …, all reminds me the old phishing attack. Then I thought, can it be the trick used to root Droid X?

  • AndroidDev: Recent progress on Gallery3D

    Gallery3D is the gallery application released with Éclair, contributed by Cooliris. This application heavily uses OpenGL to render the scenes. It looks great on Nexus One. But 0xdroid does not yet support hardware accelerated 3D graphics and rely on libagl to rasterize the 3D graph.

  • Fourth 0xdroid Release for BeagleBoard and Devkit8000!

    Today we are celebrating the 0xLab’s one year old birthday! I’d like to write about the recently announced fourth 0xdroid release.