AsciiDoc ,一個 Lightweight markup language 工具,可以將 Plain Text 的檔案轉換成 DocBook 再轉換成 manpage, linuxdoc, html 等格式,滿不錯的樣子。

整個程式只有一隻 python script ,非常的輕巧,其他所有的東西都可以用 config 檔案來控制或增強,像是使用的 mark 或是 (c) 等特殊字元。

就算不用 asciidoc(1) 來轉換文件,它所建議的文件格式平常也可以用,畢竟它原本就是設計成可以直接閱讀的格式,格式非常清楚易讀。

Debian Package Description:

AsciiDoc is a text document format for writing articles, books, manuals and
UNIX man pages. AsciiDoc files can be translated to HTML (with or without
stylesheets), DocBook (articles, books and refentry documents) and LinuxDoc using the asciidoc command. AsciiDoc can also be used to build and maintain websites.

You write an AsciiDoc document the same way you would write a
normal text document, there are no markup tags or weird format notations.

AsciiDoc files are designed to be viewed, edited and printed directly or
translated to other presentation formats